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Why Choose Nauman Mechanical for your HVAC System? 

In these uncertain times, Nauman Mechanical is making it easier to get an estimate on your new residential hvac system. We are offering digital appointments with our Heating and Cooling Specialist.

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When you need heating and cooling replacement or repair services, choosing the right HVAC company for the job is the most important part of the process. Your heating and cooling system is the most complex system that can be found in your home and requires a well-trained HVAC company, to get the job done right. Because not every heating and cooling company is the same, doing your homework to choose the best HVAC contractor is crucial. 

Nauman Mechanical is dedicated to helping you live comfortably. When you're experiencing extreme heat or cold, your indoor comfort is our goal. 

The Nauman Advantage

Nauman Mechanical is a full-service residential and commercial HVAC contractor in East Stroudsburg, PA capable of installing, repairing, and maintaining all makes and models of equipment. Our professional team will support you, your family, or business throughout the entire life cycle of your heating and cooling equipment, ensuring optimal performance and maximum comfort. 

Pocono's HVAC Installation

Nauman Mechanical is designed to meet the special requirements of homeowners in the Poconos and surrounding areas. The size and experience level of our team allows us to produce superior results on all HVAC projects. There are many options for how to keep your home comfortable all year long. Nauman Mechanical makes it easy to determine the right solution for you. 

  • Free in-home consultation with our Heating & Cooling Specialist
  • Personalized options tailored to meet your needs & budget
  • All-inclusive pricing
  • Flexible financing options
  • Fully licensed & insured
  • Certified technicians
  • Professional installation
  • Friendly & courteous team
  • Committed to providing high quality products & service
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee 
  • Full manufacturer's warranty & equipment registration
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Nauman Cares Program - complimentary 1st year maintenance check 
  • Annual maintenance agreements
  • Extended Labor Warranty

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Our Factory Certified Product Lines
trane    Mitsubishi Ductless      
  Navien Tankless Water Heater    Weil McLain Boiler


What Goes Into Our Installation? 

Indoor Evaporator Coil

  • Emergency Drain Pan
  • Safety Float Switch
  • Properly Supported Equipment
  • Walkway Work Platform
  • Sealed Equipment Connections
  • Hard Start Kit (if needed)
  • TXV-Expansion Valve or Piston
  • New Refrigeration Line Set
  • Subcool/Superheat Refrigerant Charging
  • Nitrogen Purged Brazing
  • EPA Approved Refrigerant Recovery
  • Evaporator Coil/Air Handler

Condensing Unit/Heat Pump

  • Seal Tight Conduit & Properly Sized Wire
  • Disconnect Box
  • Properly Sized Breaker
  • New UV Coated Armaflex Insulation (if needed)
  • Seal Refrigeration Lines At Wall
  • New Condenser Base Pad
  • Properly Leveled Condenser
  • Proper Height Adjustment
  • Extend Drain Line From Home
  • Subcool/Superheat Refrigerant Charging
  • Nitrogen Purged Brazing
  • EPA Approved Refrigerant Recovery
  • ACCA Manual J Heat Load Calculation

Furnace/Air Handler

  • New UL Listed Gas Flex
  • New UL Listed Gas Shut Off Valve
  • Install Gas Line Drip Leg
  • New 115v Power Cord
  • Seal Tight Conduit & Properly Sized Wire
  • New Electrical Outlet
  • New UL Listed Double Wall Vent Pipe
  • Install Relief & Combustion
  • Seal Furnace Room At Ceiling 
  • Properly Supported Equipment
  • Replace Wood Floor
  • Install Sheet Metal On Floor
  • New Sound Absorbing Transition
  • Sealed Equipment Connections
  • Walkway Work Platform
  • EZ Access Filter Base
  • Clean, Seal, & Insulate Return Air Cavity
  • Flush Both Condensate Drains
  • Insulate/Air Seal Behind Thermostat
  • ACCA Manual J Heat Load Calculations
Pocono's HVAC Service

Prior to replacing an HVAC unit, we want to make certain your current system is beyond repair. Our certified technicians will troubleshoot and diagnose any problems you may be having with your current heating and cooling system. Then, we'll work with you to suggest the best course of action in repairing your equipment. Nauman Mechanical offers Annual Maintenance Agreements to ensure your systems of all makes and models are operating efficiently. 

Spring/Summer Maintenance Checklist

  • Clean indoor and outdoor coils
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Check and tighten all loose electrical connections
  • Inspect electrical relays
  • Check refrigerant balance
  • Check refrigerant charge
  • Inspect refrigerant piping
  • Change air filter
  • Monitor air conditioning cycle
  • Inspect fan mounting bracket
  • Monitor fan motor
  • Examine suction line insulation
  • Check fuses and holders
  • Check water side of geothermal
  • Make recommendations for improvements

Fall/Winter Maintenance Checklist

  • Clean burners
  • Adjust gas pressure
  • Check and adjust pilot operation
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Monitor flue draft for safe operation
  • Monitor voltage and amperage draw on motors
  • Digital combustion test
  • Check thermostat
  • Monitor furnace cycle
  • Check for cracked heat exchanger
  • Brush and vacuum heat exchanger
  • Replace oil filter, nozzle, strainer
  • Change air filter
  • Clean indoor and outdoor coils
  • Check water side of geothermal
  • Efficiency results

At Nauman Mechanical we are dedicated to providing superior service in East Stroudsburg and surrounding areas. Our core principles, the foundation upon which our businesses lie upon, are Quality, Honesty, and Fairness.

  • Quality. Our workmanship, our thinking, our processes, our communication – all of what we are must radiate excellence.
  • Honesty. We aim to be extremely straightforward in our interactions between ourselves and our customers.
  • Fairness. We need to approach each situation as it is and treat it without bias or clouded judgement.

Our customers and our community are the priority.

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