How Often Should I Change My Air Filter?

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To ensure that your air conditioning and/or heating system operates efficiently and your energy bills stay low, at Nauman Mechanical, typically, we recommend replacing your HVAC air filter every 90 days. Many homeowners forget this task, which can negatively affect your HVAC system, cause your energy bills to increase and potentially contribute to other maintenance issues down the line. 


On average, less expensive fiberglass filters should be changed every 30 days and every 6 months for higher-end pleated filters. Our general rule of thumb at Nauman Mechanical is to replace your filter every 90 days. Depending on the type and size of your air filter, home, & system will determine how often you should change your filter. As your air filter traps more dirt, dust, and allergens from the air, filter efficiency decreases. 


Asthma & Allergies

For those who are more sensitive to airborne particles, such as asthma and/or allergy sufferers -- it is best to change you air filter every 6 weeks to ensure optimal indoor air quality. 


Pet dander and odors can build up in your home, making it necessary to change your filter every 2 months. Generally, pets shed most when the seasons change, which are key times to replace your filter. 



Nauman Mechanical cares about your health and indoor air quality, especially when it comes to your family. Keep your home clean and air quality under control by replacing your hvac air filter every 3 months


What can affect your HVAC air filter lifespan?

My Post (5)Frequency of operation

If you are constantly running your HVAC system, you will need to change your air filter more often, every 2-3 months. If you use your system more sparingly, a single filter could last you a whole season! 

Indoor air quality

The air inside your home will determine your filter replacement cycle. Poor indoor air quality will require you to replace your air filter more frequently.

Does your HVAC air filter need replacing? 

When your system is in use, we recommend changing your air filter every 3 months. Any use will lead to dirt and debris being trapped in your air filter.

Our General Rule

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Every few weeks, take out your air filter and inspect. If your filter only shows a subtle layer of dirt and most of the filter material is visible, your filter does not need to be replaced at this time. Once your filter goes beyond a subtle layer of dirt or if there is a thick coating of debris on your filter it is time for a change out. 

HVAC air filters are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at any home improvement or hardware store. Changing out your air filter is a small cost to keep your heating and cooling system operating smoothly, improved indoor air quality, and lower energy bills. 

If it's been a while since you've changed your filters, we can help you find the right size, brand, and type of HVAC air filter for your furnace, heat pump, and/or air conditioner. 

*These recommendations assume average use and would need to take into account the type and size of your filter.

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