Benefits of AC Maintenance Agreements

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Benefits of Air Conditioner Maintenance Agreements

Many people ask, "Are HVAC maintenance plans worth it?". At Nauman Mechanical in East Stroudsburg, we know that your HVAC systems, including air conditioners and heat pumps are a vital part of your home. These systems control your indoor temperature and humidity while helping you live comfortably. It is recommended by manufacturers to schedule annual tune-ups in order to keep these systems running efficiently and prevent expensive repairs. 

At Nauman Mechanical we offer an Annual Residential Maintenance Agreement to provide you with everything your air conditioning system(s) will need to maintain optimum efficiency, at your convenience. With a Nauman Mechanical maintenance agreement, you will receive discounts on repairs, parts and more throughout the year. 

HVAC Maintenance

What is Involved in Professional HVAC Maintenance? 

There are basic preventative measures that almost anyone can do to help their HVAC systems run smoothly, including: 

  • Changing the air filter every month to 3 months
  • Wash your filter if you have an electrostatic filter
  • Remove debris from around the outside unit
  • Keep the inside registers unblocked by furniture or rugs

In addition to the maintenance you can do on your own, the benefits of a professional maintenance include

  • Cleaning the indoor and outdoor coils
  • Lubricating all moving parts
  • Tightening all loose electrical connections
  • Inspect electrical relays
  • Check refrigerant balance & charge
  • Inspect refrigerant piping
  • Monitoring air conditioning cycle
  • Inspecting fan mounting bracket

... and more. For a full list of our view The Nauman Advantage

During the hottest summer days, your cooling system has to meet some fairly strenuous demands. With a full professional maintenance on your air conditioning system you'll save money and ensure your system is operating optimally during the warmest of days. 

Professional Maintenance Agreements in East Stroudsburg

Take advantage of our Nauman Mechanical Residential Maintenance Agreements. We are dedicated to providing superior service and helping you live comfortably. 

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