August HVAC Tips

August 05,2020 | | 0 Comments

Before you know it, summer will be ending, the weather will be getting cooler, and although the Poconos and surrounding areas are still hot in August, it's time to start thinking about your end of summer HVAC maintenance. Fall HVAC maintenance ensures that your system continues to function optimally through the cold weather months. 

Transitioning from the cooling season to the heating season means buttoning up any AC system tasks and preparing your heating system for fall.

Here are some end of summer HVAC tips: 

  • Clear debris from your outdoor condenser unit. All types of debris can build up around your outdoor unit, especially after storms with heavy winds. Any debris surrounding the condenser unit can restrict airflow and cause your system to run at less than peak performance. 
  • Change your air filter. You should be changing your filter regularly, however it's very important to do after summer. During the summer season is when your air filter gets the dirtiest the fastest because your system is constantly running. 
  • Use your ceiling fans and window treatments. Take advantage of energy-saving procedures that remove strain on your HVAC system. Utilize ceiling fans and turn up the thermostat when your home to stay comfortable without feeling a temperature difference. Also, close blinds or window treatments to help keep out the sun's heat, raising the temperature in your home. 
  • Schedule preventative fall maintenance for your heating system. Before the cold weather season, schedule maintenance for your furnace, heat pump, boiler or ductless system to prevent breakdowns in the middle of winter. Sign UpNauman Mechanical provides high-quality HVAC maintenance services to residential and commercial customers in Monroe County, Northampton County, Carbon County, and Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. We also provide HVAC repair services, HVAC installations, Plumbing, Contracting and Roofing. Contact us today for more information and to schedule your fall preventative maintenance

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